Discover the Osoyoos Desert with Twilight Tuesdays

Looking for an outdoor adventure before the warm weather disappears? Throughout the summer, the Osoyoos Desert Centre offers themed tours during Twilight Tuesdays that allow you to explore the wildlife of the Osoyoos desert. If you're searching for a place to settle in nearby, book your stay in one of the carefully crafted designer suites of the Walnut Beach Resort.

The Desert Centre tours take you through the 67-acre Osoyoos Desert, where you'll come across some of the continent's rarest and most interesting creatures. Choose from an early bird tour or a night owl tour. The early bird tours take you along the boardwalk trail and give you a peek at how snakes, bobcats and other morning predators find their food, while the night tours expose you to bats, owls, deer, coyote and other nocturnal animals. You can walk the desert yourself or go along with a guide, and then stop by the native plant garden and interpretive centre on your way out.

Pack a picnic for the excursion or eat at one of the dining areas in the Main Plaza. After you've tuckered yourself out, retire to your Osoyoos hotel room, where you can relax in luxury and indulge in the deluxe accommodations.

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