Immerse yourself in aboriginal culture at Salmon Feast

Each August, Osoyoos residents and guests from across BC gather for the city's annual Salmon Feast. A salmon feast is a traditional ceremony that marks the start of the salmon fishing season and showcases aboriginal cuisine and customs. Held at the Nk'Mip Desert Cultural Centre, the Salmon Feast fosters cultural understanding and unity among the Osoyoos people. Looking to enhance this ultimate Okanagan experience? Book a stay at a nearby Osoyoos hotel, where you can immerse yourself in the colourful local culture.

The event opens with a prayer and a smudging ritual, which is meant to ward off negative forces and unwanted energy. Then the massive feast begins, featuring barbecued salmon, potatoes, rice and various locally grown vegetables. Participants save their fish bones in a big bowl for a ritual ceremony in which all the bones are returned to the waters by elders – a gesture of gratitude to the river and a beckoning for more fish to come in future years.

After the meal, sit back and enjoy traditional singing and music as well as performances and reenactments by area actors and interpreters. Then, retire to your room in the sophisticated Walnut Beach Resort, where you can enjoy spectacular views and carefully crafted designer suites.

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