South Okanagan Amateur Players put on “Twisted Tales”

Who doesn't like a good story full in surprising plot twists and clever one-liners? The people Oliver sure do, which is why the community is hosting "Twisted Tales," a hilarious production that puts some of the world's most well-known literary characters in unusual settings. It will be held at the Oliver Senior Centre Oct. 25 and 26 as well as Nov. 1 and 2. Visitors can stay at the luxurious Walnut Beach Resort, which is just a short drive from Oliver.

Presented by the South Okanagan Amateur Players, this production is comprised of four short comedies – the work of screenwriter Bruce Kane, who got his renown working for "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." The comedies are based on classic fairy tales, nursery rhymes and Shakespeare plays, but each has a modern appeal geared toward adults. For instance, it places a classic character like Cinderella in sensational situations and enhances it with slapstick and quirky gags.

After an evening of laughter, return to the comforts of your room at the Walnut Beach Resort. This exquisite hotel offers you spectacular views from the privacy of carefully-crafted designer suites. You can also hit the town to meet the friendly residents, take in the attractions and get the ultimate Okanagan experience.

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