Plan the wedding of a lifetime in the Okanagan Valley

Many young couples in love cannot help but get caught up in planning the wedding of their dreams, even if they are not quite sure when that ceremony will take place. With social sites such as Pinterest helping lovebirds craft the most unique centrepieces, wedding invitations and bridal hairstyles, it's no wonder that today's generation of beautiful brides are conceptualizing the most unique wedding events tailored specifically to them. Those looking for the perfect venue for their crafty ideas can take a look at the Walnut Beach Resort in Osoyoos, British Columbia, where mountains meet the beach in a unique desert landscape.

Brides and grooms who imagined a beautiful outdoor wedding can find all that they dreamt of at this beautiful waterfront hotel, where the Rocky Mountains create a stunning backdrop against the lapping waters of Okanagan Lake. The climate is unusually warm and dry here, making it ideal for nervous brides-to-be who dread raindrops on their much-anticipated day.

With the beach environment at the Osoyoos hotel, wedding planners can go all out with their themed decor and accessories. A unique idea for the bar area is to gather a number of rustic-looking canoes and fill them to the brim with ice – wedding hosts have their very own wildlife-friendly coolers that can keep craft beers, white wines and non-alcoholic refreshments perfectly chilled.

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