Travellers delight their taste buds with a trip to Osoyoos

Though Okanagan Valley has always been an amazing destination to visit, this year has proven to be one of the best because of the number of wineries that have cropped up recently. With new vineyards come restaurants and tasting rooms for guests to enjoy, and those staying at the Walnut Beach Resort will have their pick of dozens of producers who have garnered high accolades in the past decade.

The tasting room at Poplar Grove has wine enthusiasts buzzing for its innovative design and of course, the selection of high-quality libations. The way the room is positioned is intended to maximize the natural heat from the sun in the winter and do the opposite during the hot summer season, according to British Columbia's Eat Magazine. Plus, the recently opened, year-round Vanilla Pod restaurant, which is connected to the tasting room, features cuisine with seasonal and local ingredients complemented by Poplar Grove's best wines.

When travellers venture to Meyer Family Vineyards, their palates are in for a treat when they combine flavours like dry Gewurztraminer with a Moroccan spiced cracker, or ketchup chips with pinot noir. When visitors find a blend that they love, they can pick up a bottle and bring it back with them to their luxurious Osoyoos hotel rooms.

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