Sample Grey Baby, wines and pizzas in Okanagan Valley

The renowned wine region, the Naramata Bench, is brimming with vineyards and producers of the perfect complements: fruit and cheese. To compete with the already established growers in the Okanagan Valley region, Gavin and Shana Miller have launched the Upper Bench Winery and Creamery, which blends a seamless union of winemaking and cheese crafting. Gavin, the wine producer, and Shana, the cheesemaker, opened their new storefront in May, providing a one-stop shop for visitors in the region at luxurious hotels like the Walnut Beach Resort.

Travellers who want to dive straight into the tastiest sample can try Grey Baby, a blue cheese that is so earthy and creamy that Eat Magazine likens the flavour to truffle hunting in the fall.

Once a week, Shana and Gavin host a laid-back pizza night for guests in partnership with Flat Bread Farms in Cawston. The duo creates gourmet pies using creamy Upper Bench cheeses, pairing them with some of the crisp libations from the Millers' winery.

Guests should book their reservations to the Okanagan Valley region soon, as the winery and creamery is only open from May to October. If guests of the upscale Osoyoos hotel cannot squeeze in a visit during this time, they can make a specially reserved appointment by calling the facility.

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