Travellers boost their golfing confidence in Osoyoos

Many travellers head to the Okanagan Valley region of British Columbia for one reason: the pristine golf courses. The links visitors will find at resorts such as the Walnut Beach Resort are some of the most beautiful in the entire province, and can stir up quite a challenge for even the most experienced players.

But what about those who haven't mastered their swing, yet still wish to enjoy the serene nature of the Osoyoos landscape and the luxury of the golf resort? To get by on the course with dignity still intact, beginners can follow a few quick tips and ultimately boost their game.

First, carrying 14 clubs is simply hard on a person's back when they're first starting out. All that novices need to make their way through an 18-hole course is a driver, putter, a 6-iron, a pitching wedge, sand wedge and a fairway wood, according to Golf Digest. It may sound like golfer's jargon now, but the easiest way to find the right clubs is to head to a sports store and ask for help. Staff members can collect the right essentials to create a well-rounded starter kit for those who are slightly intimidated by their first-time golfing experience.

Once new golfers have the right essentials, they can hit the course at the Osoyoos hotel grounds and practice their swing during their relaxing holiday in the valley.

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