Okanagan Valley gives Napa a run for its money

When travellers think wine holidays, California's Napa Valley might first come to mind, but British Columbia boasts quite the contender that is worth visiting for its sweet and crisp libations. The Okanagan Valley recently earned accolades from New York Magazine as the must-visit place for wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. From gourmet restaurants and rolling grape orchards to historic museums that offer an insight to the region's viticulture, the Valley is ripe with things to do and beautiful places to stay like the Walnut Beach Resort.

First, guests can start off their libatious escapades with a trip to the BC Wine Museum, where they can learn the art of the craft as it started in the early 1930s. The historical displays inform visitors of how the Valley thrived and created a booming industry that took off in the '70s.

After learning enough about the area, guests can try their hand at depicting the beauty of vineyards like Thornhaven Estates, Tantalus and Sonoran Estate in A Crush of Colour painting workshops. Stepping outside of their luxurious Osoyoos hotel rooms, travellers get to paint "en plein air" while sipping on the products from these renowned Valley wineries.

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