Reap the rewards of the Okanagan Valley harvest

The orchards of Okanagan Valley provide a great deal more than just apples during the fall harvest season, and lucky travellers staying at the Walnut Beach Resort get their pick of the ripest, juiciest crops at farms throughout the region. Whether visitors prefer supple, juicy pears and peaches or sweet plums and crisp apples, they can bring back a cornucopia of healthy treats to their cozy hotel rooms.

The unique climate of Osoyoos and the surrounding communities in British Columbia make the land perfect for a variety of fruits and vegetables to grow, and the months of September and October see most of these crops at the prime of their growth. For those who have family members or friends in the area, the fresh fare they collect at orchards and farms can make for a hearty and delicious picnic dinner on the grounds of the luxurious Osoyoos hotel.

For the starter course, visitors can prepare a quick tossed salad featuring the gardens' best pick of cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes. For an added bonus, those cooking can lightly grill zucchini and squash and add them on top to add a warm twist to the traditional salad.

Guests who prefer to bring their valley winnings back home after their trip can head to Walnut Beach's gourmet restaurant, where chefs value farm-fresh products as much as the growers of the valley.

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