Sample a red wine infusion at the Pentage Winery

When travellers first venture to Okanagan Valley, they may have a hard time deciding which vineyard to visit because everywhere they look, another orchard of fine grapes comes into view. Those who stay at the Walnut Beach Resort don't have to look too far, as they are situated in the heart of British Columbia's wine country, only minutes away from renowned vineyards such as the Pentage Winery.

Nestled in the nearby city of Penticton across 23 acres of land, the boutique winery started out as a getaway for owners Paul Gardner and Julie Rennie, who were looking for property to own in the Okanagan. They stumbled upon this space and immediately envisioned Pentage, which now boasts a variety of fine red and white wines, including merlot, syrah, cabernet franc, sauvignon blanc and Gewurztraminer.

The vineyard's name holds significant meaning to the pair, as it recalls a conversation they once had about their lofty production goals. Their hope was to create a variety that would blend five – or "penta," in Greek – different wines. The premium reserve wine combines the flavours of merlot, syrah, gamay, cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc. Every year, these vintage bottles change slightly according to the barrelling process and the grape-growing season. Wine connoisseurs can visit the vineyard and bring home their very own bottle of this coveted product – or at least enjoy it back at their luxurious Osoyoos hotel room.

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