Take a day trip to Gwillim Lakes in the Kootenays

The Valhalla mountain range, located in the heart of the Kootenay region of British Columbia, boasts a wilderness where few people have trod. By the time winter rolls around, the snow-capped mountains reflect perfectly in the waters of the Gwillim Lakes, which would be a perfect spot to hike for guests staying at an Osoyoos hotel.

With nearly 50,000 hectares of land in the centre of the pristine British Columbia wilderness, Valhalla Provincial Park is a dream come true for visitors who want to get away from it all and spend much of their holiday abroad exploring natural sights. The Gwillim Trail, which takes hikers to the illustrious lakes, is a mere 3.5 kilometres long and takes about two hours to traverse.

Once they get to the lakes, guests at the Walnut Beach Resort will treat themselves to complete solitude and absolute peace and quiet. Eagles may soar overhead with a trout tucked clasped in their talons. Trekkers should be sure to bring a sack lunch so they can spend as much time as possible soaking up the scenery and smelling the fresh Kootenay air.

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