Discover the diversity of Okanagan Valley wines

Bordeaux. Shiraz. Sangiovese. Chianti. These varieties of grapes make travellers envision different areas of the world and their ripe, lush vineyards that create some of the world's finest wines. But what about in Okanagan Valley? The region of British Columbia has risen over the years as Canada's wine capital, yet, most frequent visitors or residents of the region might not be able to pinpoint one signature grape that simply screams, "Pure Okanagan." By planning a stay at the Walnut Beach Resort, travellers can head to this beautiful region and figure out if they can discern which grape takes the title as the official BC variety.

More than 60 different grapes can be found throughout the fertile hills of British Columbia, including pinot gris, sauvignon blanc, syrah and cabernet. As many of the winemakers in this region are just starting out in their efforts, the valley is a great place to experiment with all types of reds or whites.

"Signature grapes are an old way of marketing and thinking," Sandra Oldfield, winemaker and chief executive officer at Tinhorn Creek Vineyards in Oliver, told the Palate Press. "Our uniqueness comes from the fact that we are finding microsites that suit a wide range of grapes."

After touring a few of the renowned wineries in the Okanagan's surrounding regions, guests of the upscale Osoyoos hotel may soon realize that its range of offerings are what makes the land so special.

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