Celebrate special occasions in the heart of Okanagan Valley

Spending a holiday in Osoyoos can feel like a romantic getaway compared to other famous wine capitals like California's Napa Valley or France's Bordeaux region. With its impressive variety of grapes growing in each vineyard within Okanagan Valley and swanky wine bars and lounges, the locale is ideal for couples who want a romantic trip to shake up their normal routine. Whether travellers are currently searching for their upcoming wedding destination or just want to celebrate their love, Osoyoos will not disappoint.

As autumn is underway, the seasonal harvest has taken off at farms and wineries throughout Osoyoos. Travellers can visit apple orchards and the endless rows of grape vineyards during their stay, and witness the grand finale of Fuji, Cripps Pink and Ambrosia apples – ripe, crisp and waiting to be picked off each tree.

Watermark Wine Bar, situated in the heart of Osoyoos, is a gourmet restaurant that can be the perfect end to a beautiful day in the valley. Boasting a vast selection of local wines, like Hester Creek, Tinhorn Creek and Le Vieux Pin, the lounge fails to disappoint connoisseurs, and the staff makes sure to pair each libation with an equally satisfying dish.

After one weekend in the region, travel companions might have their hearts set on a venue like the luxurious Osoyoos hotel as their place to tie the knot.

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