Hike the trails around the Okanagan’s Mount Kobau

Wildlife enthusiasts heading to British Columbia this fall may think they only have a short while to cram in all of their hiking needs, but in Okanagan Valley, the air is dry and welcoming to outdoor activities for longer than typical Canadian climates. Travellers will be pleased to find Mount Kobau in this particular region, as it is a beautiful protected area of the South Okanagan Grasslands filled with winding trails and a moderate elevation, making it a satisfying climb for anyone staying at the nearby Walnut Beach Resort.

The abundance of flora and fauna visitors will see can vary on any given day, but will likely include Bighorn sheep and mule deer, as well as a variety of unique plantlife such as sagebrush, wheatgrass and balsamroot, to name a few.

Spotted Lake is one of the most renowned attractions along this trail. The desert lake looks as if someone took a paintbrush and swirled circles over its surface, resembling the misshapen spots of a dalmatian. The circles are actually caused by an excess of minerals in the water, including Epsom salts, calcium and even silver and titanium.

Travellers should make sure to bring their cameras along on the trip, because their friends back in the Osoyoos hotel rooms may not believe them when they talk about the speckled lake they found along the way.

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