Watch the wiley Osoyoos Coyotes this winter

One of the best parts of the city of Osoyoos in Okanagan Valley is certainly the Coyotes. No, not the wild animal that prowls through mountains and forests at night, but the talented hockey team with a giant fan base in the British Columbia region. Whether heading to the city for a leisurely family stay or a business trip at the Walnut Beach Resort, travellers can be sure to fit one of the team's games into their holiday schedule.

These action-packed events are an ideal activity for families with young ones who dream of one day being a pro skater or hockey player. While the team is pretty young, the players are some of the most promising in the entire province, and have likely been playing since they could first hold a hockey stick.

Fortunately for those who are major fans of the sport, the Coyotes play nearly as often as Osoyoos hotel rooms fill up at Walnut Beach. Travellers heading to this spot in the coming months can catch one of nearly a dozen games that the team plays each month, from now until February.

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