Find secret tubing spots in British Columbia

Finding a local’s favourite secret spot often feels like winning the jackpot when you’re on holiday. For winter enthusiasts, this hunt just got a whole lot easier, thanks to one man from Edmonton, Alberta, who has a love for tobogganing. Now, those who reserve rooms at the Walnut Beach Resort can not only enjoy the surrounding property, but also the awesome hills in British Columbia’s Kamloops.

“I know every neighbourhood’s got their spot…and they always come up with great names for them too,” Chris Heard, the maker of a new online map tool, told CBC News. “So I was curious where everyone else went.”

About a year ago, Heard started an online map to help sledders find the most exhilarating hills and slopes to zoom down, and many of these hidden locales can be found in the southern region of British Columbia.

Aberdeen Hill and the Spring Vale School are two top places ranked on the online tool, and according to the website, are not commonly known spots to even the locals who live in the area. If you’re looking for a quiet run through the beautiful Western Canadian landscape, you’ve found the right place to visit during your stay at the luxurious Osoyoos hotel.

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