Spa treatment becomes top priority for travellers in 2013

In 2013, you don’t have to feel guilty for wanting to pamper yourself and lay in the lap of luxury on upcoming holidays. According to the annual report issued by SpaFinder​Wellness, which includes 87,000 spas around the world, hotels and resorts will increase their health and wellness amenities across the board. From coast to coast, luxury establishments across Canada like the Walnut Beach Resort in British Columbia are examples of hotels trying to improve their guests’ stay, one massage at a time.

“Look for more authentic Roman and Turkish baths, Russian banyas (steam rooms), traditional Chinese medicine and Nordic offerings,” the research stated.

These special perks no longer target one particular gender, either, according to the study. More men have been seeking spa treatment over the years, from massage therapy and manicureorpedicure treatment to facials and even Botox.

All travellers headed to Okanagan Valley this year can look forward to a relaxing stay and special spa amenities at the upscale Osoyoos hotel’s secret oasis spa, which offers full body treatments and holistic spa packages, depending on your specific needs.

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