Kick the common cold before you go away

No one wishes to get sick on vacation, but sometimes, it’s impossible to avoid. A contagious stomach bug, the flu or even just the sniffles can put a damper on your trip and might force you to stay cooped up in a hotel room instead of embarking on an adventure excursion with the rest of your friends. While you may not be able to guarantee perfect health during your holiday, you can take precautionary measures to ensure that when you arrive at the Walnut Beach Resort, you’ll have fun from beginning to end.

“The estimates in the literature suggest between 50 and 75 per cent of travellers acquire some type of illness,” Dr. Jay Keystone of Toronto’s Medisys Travel Health and Immunization Clinic told CBC News.¬†

Fortunately, the staff and accommodations at the luxurious Osoyoos hotel will help make sure you’re taking good care of yourself, but you should also make sure to stay hydrated throughout your entire stay. Whether you’re flying or driving to the Okanagan Valley, bring water and orange juice along for the ride so your body stays refreshed and your immune system remains strong.

While health precautions are important during vacations, you should still give yourself the chance to relax during your resort stay.

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