Empower and Inspire encourages women in Okanagan Valley

Looking to boost your confidence? Feel empowered in your own skin? This month, Osoyoos will host the Empower and Inspire Workshop, where women from all over come together to discuss their own experiences as women in business and talk about ways to live life fully – in your career or with your family and friends. You can attend this event, which takes place at the Sonora Community Centre on February 22, and stay at the Walnut Beach Resort to make long-term connections with some of the most inspiring women in the Okanagan Valley region.

The event will kick off with an hour of networking while sipping on local wines and snacking on appetizers, before sitting down for a moving seminar led by Chantelle Adams, whose main goal is to help others discover their deepest desires and start taking strides to achieving them. She has spoken to professionals and students and was the keynote speaker at several events in British Columbia, Alberta and the U.S. over the years, and is excited to share with Osoyoos the secrets to living to your fullest potential.

Those who attend the event will also be supporting the Heart and Stroke Foundation, and if you’re¬†eager to show your devotion to the cause, you can wear a splash of red to the women-centred event. Situated only a short drive from the luxurious Osoyoos hotel, the event is the perfect opportunity to get to know the Okanagan community.

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