Vancouver Sun honours Okanagan Valley wine

Some wines are perfect for producing in the unique, arid climate of Okanagan Valley. While cabernet sauvignon is not usually one of them, Township 7 Vineyards & Winery managed to craft a rich varietal in Oliver, British Columbia – a feat that was recognized by The Vancouver Sun editors. Only a short ride away from the Walnut Beach Resort, the critically acclaimed vineyard is a great spot to visit during romantic getaways to the region.

According to the news source, the product boasts flavours of black fruit, coffee, ripe olives and sagebrush, offering "youthful, blocky tannin" that will only get better with age. Whether you choose to purchase a bottle and enjoy it that evening in your Osoyoos hotel room, or keep it in your cellar for another five years, you'll be sure to appreciate this carefully crafted wine.

Township 7 holds an array of events and activities each year, so if you happen to be in the area, consider visiting the place where these refined wines are made. You can assist at the Spring Pruning Party, join the annual Easter Egg Hunt celebration or craft your own chardonnay on May 4 – the choice is yours.

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