Okanagan Valley rises on the wine-making map

It seems like everyone knows the greatness of wine capitals like Napa Valley and Tuscany, but what about British Columbia's Okanagan Valley? The unique climate of this Canadian region has helped it grow as one of the most quickly rising vineyard havens in the world, attracting visitors to the surrounding luxury hotels like the Walnut Beach Resort in Osoyoos. Only a short ride away from these elite vacation spots are attractions that give you an inside look to the joys of wine-making and food pairing, such as Joie Farm Cooking School.

The two-hectare farm on the Naramata Bench of Okanagan Valley is a prized treasure of the area, and a great place to explore the relationship between food and wine and learn which libation you care for most. 

Now, the facility, operated by Heidi Noble, focuses mainly on producing varieties of Alsace and Burgundy, such as Gewürztraminer and yellow muscat, as well as a variety of other sweeter libations. If you've come to the valley to learn more about the wines produced in this region, Joie is a great place to begin, and there are a handful of other vineyards just a few minutes away.

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