Taste the sweet flavours of Okanagan Valley

It's not often you'll hear the words, "Ditch Napa," but more and more travellers are following this mindset and heading for British Columbia's Okanagan Valley instead. The unique, arid climate is a perfect location for grapes to grow and produce rich, flavourful wines – which is why you'll see rows upon rows of vineyards everywhere you turn. If you're looking for a fun getaway with friends or family, consider taking a holiday to Osoyoos and making reservations at the Walnut Beach Resort, situated in the heart of the new wine capital.

While much of your time will likely be spent tasting wines and touring where grapes grow, you can also make sure to track down some of the best eateries in the area. RauDZ Regional Table is one eclectic spot, where locavores are warmly invited and seasonal plates are the only things you'll find on the menu. According to New York Magazine, chef Rod Butters came out with a line of preserved goods from locally grown produce, including "drunken" cherries and blackberry ketchup. If you're lucky, you might be able to go home with a tasty goodie bag.

After you're so full you might burst, consider exploring the surroundings of your luxurious Osoyoos hotel. The wild landscape is ideal for those who love hiking, biking or simply strolling through the outdoors, and will certainly make for some prime photo opportunities.

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