Okanagan Valley becomes role model to other BC regions

After years of development and plans to boost travel interest, Okanagan Valley has officially become a role model tourism destination for other provinces in British Columbia. Luxury hotels like the Walnut Beach Resort have helped the area gain credibility in the travel sector, and the region has inspired regions like the Comox Valley to follow their lead and become prime locales to visit for families, couples and groups of friends.

According to Pat Bell, provincial tourism and jobs minister of British Columbia, the Comox Valley is in a very similar position as the Okanagan was in during the late 1970s and '80s, The Comox Valley Echo reports. If it continues its efforts to attract travellers, it could also become a renowned spot to visit in all four seasons.

From beaches, lakeside hotels and resorts like the upscale Osoyoos hotel to wineries and hiking trails, Okanagan Valley is clearly a destination that appeals to all kinds of adventure travellers. While it's still growing and working to become a primary destination that tourists think of when they consider trips to British Columbia, it is a beloved region that is certainly worth a trip this spring or summer.

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