Explore all of Okanagan during Osoyoos holidays

A quick drive through Osoyoos might give you an idea of what adventures you can find here, but just a bit farther outside the city's boundaries, you can find a world of natural attractions that are certainly worth exploring. If your family is considering short stays at the luxurious Walnut Beach Resort, be sure to check out some of the surrounding area and discover gems like Myra Canyon Park and the Kasugai Japanese Garden.

Myra Canyon Park is a great spot for adventure travellers to enjoy British Columbia's natural scenery, diverse hiking trails and North American wildlife. While walking through these trails is fun, many locals and visitors to the Okanagan region recommend you embark on a biking tour of the Valley. Part of the Trans Canada Trail, the region is a great way to explore the surrounding area during the summer or spring, especially if you haven't seen it first hand before.

When you're ready to rest and relax, be sure to visit the Kasugai Japanese Garden, just a short drive from your upscale Osoyoos hotel rooms, in the nearby town of Kelowna. You should also bring your cameras to capture the blossoming flowers and perfectly manicured gardens, as well as the koi fish playfully swimming in the pond.

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