Celebrate your anniversary with Walnut Beach Resort

Many lucky couples get to celebrate their wedding anniversaries in the spring, amidst blossoming flowers, rising temperatures and an overall happy environment because summer is only a few months away. In Okanagan Valley, the region seems to welcome summer even earlier, and it can be a great place to spend a weekend and celebrate your longtime love. This year also happens to be the fifth anniversary of the opening of the Walnut Beach Resort, one of the most luxurious places to stay in the scenic valley. If you're looking for a special trip idea and a reasonable rate for your stay, this could be the perfect choice.

The hotel is offering a special anniversary rate for the entire month of April, meaning that you can enjoy a lavish getaway filled with wine tastings, gourmet meals, hikes with the sunrise and afternoons by the pool at an affordable price.

The valley has been experiencing quite enjoyable weather as of late, with temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius. With the Osoyoos hotel's convenient location beside Okanagan Lake, it seems only fitting that you pack a pair of flip flops and maybe even your swimsuit. The water, after all, is some of the most tepid to swim in throughout the whole province.

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