Get your palate into gear at Osoyoos’ Wine + Boot Camp

Instead of planning elaborate getaways to Tuscany or California's Napa Valley, you can simply venture to British Columbia's Okanagan Valley and sample the fine wines produced in this growing vineyard region. If you're ready to dive headfirst into wine culture, then the Walnut Beach Resort has the activity for you. This April, you can take part in Wine + Boot Camp, hosted by Rhys Pender, a wine educator in the valley area. 

"It's a nice time of year when spring is hitting," Pender told BC Local News. "[You] take a course as well, but also get to visit a few wineries. There is a bit of free time built into it for people to go out and do their own thing as well."

A variety of guests come out for this type of event, ranging anywhere from a seasoned wine aficionado to a novice drinker who wants to cultivate their knowledge of the libation.

Winemaking, grape growing, pairing and of course tasting are some of the lessons these attendees will get to take on. Over the course of the lessons, participants staying at the Osoyoos hotel will have tried between 50 and 60 wines from all over the world, according to the news source.

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