Search for Okanagan’s very own sea monster

In the south central interior of British Columbia, many people have reported sightings of a mysterious, unknown creature as large as 15 metres long. With a horse-shaped head and serpent-like body, this water monster has quite the legend surrounding it, which has only grown over time. Whether you're a longtime resident of Okanagan Valley or a visitor just passing through for a weekend stay, it's time you learn of Ogopogo, the great Canadian Lake Monster.

This fascinating, mythical (or not?) creature made its debut well before the famous Loch Ness Monster in a lake found next to the luxurious Walnut Beach Resort. In 1926, Roy W. Brown, the editor of the "Vancouver Sun," reported the numerous sightings of the creature, stating that it may be impossible to "ignore the seriousness of actual facts." 

It may be tough to come up with actual living proof of the sea creature, but if you're staying at the lakeside Osoyoos hotel, you should keep your eyes peeled for the legendary Ogopogo. One of the best viewing spots of the lake is at the peak of Knox Mountain, where you can see up and down the lake for kilometres on end.

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