Osoyoos: A treasured retirement spot

As you age, some of your priorities change. Instead of seeking the most bustling, hip city to live in, you might prefer a quiet community with beautiful natural scenery and a temperate climate year round. That is why many retirees choose to spend their later years in Osoyoos and the surrounding Okanagan Valley region, as it's got the perfect blend of wilderness landscapes all in one central space. Boasting the warmest lake in the country and gorgeous luxury resorts like the Walnut Beach Resort, this spot is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Bonnie and Aubrey Rhys from Sylvan Lake, Alberta, recently told the Osoyoos Times how much they appreciate the community and how they think their future will be brighter by moving to Osoyoos.

"By far, Osoyoos offers the environment that we prefer to spend our latter years in, so much so, that we are moving here permanently in the fall of this year," Bonnie Rhys told the news source. "The residents here are friendly and helpful, the local merchants are friendly and warm and the town council appears to be doing a great job."

If you're looking for your next home, you might want to plan a stay at the upscale Osoyoos hotel and see what everyone's raving about in this cosy community.

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