Treat your mom to a vineyard visit in Okanagan

With Mother's Day less than two weeks away, it's time to make sure you've got your gifts and plans squared away to celebrate your special mom. Fortunately, the Okanagan Valley region is brimming with perfect activities for you and your mom to enjoy in the warmer spring weather. In fact, one of the newest additions to the Valley could be the perfect gift idea – a stay at the Walnut Beach Resort and a day trip to the Culmina Family Estate Winery, on the Golden Mile Bench. 

Small-town Manitoba farmer Don Triggs spent years cultivating and researching his Okanagan land before he was ready to open it to the public early this year. According to The Vancouver Sun, he planted moisture probes and temperature gauges everywhere to get precise climatic data, and he conducted studies on the type of soil that garnered the best results. 

If your mom appreciates a fine glass of wine and you both could use a day of bonding together in the beautiful outdoors of Okanagan, then this could be the perfect weekend activity for you. Whether you make reservations at the luxurious Osoyoos hotel for the weekend of Mother's Day or another time in May, your mom will certainly appreciate the gift and might even propose that it become an annual tradition between the two of you.

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