Sample the sweet nectar of Okanagan icewine

The art behind crafting icewine is a meticulous process that involves patience, freezing temperatures and thousands of sweet grapes. Certain regions of Canada, such as Okanagan, are some of the first – and best – to produce this sweet and full-bodied dessert wine in the world. This summer, Inniskillin, the leading makers of the libation, will host a "Signature Experience" tour during the much anticipated summer wine festival week, running from July 7-15. Guests can reserve rooms at the Walnut Beach Resort and enjoy an enlightening experience showcasing the fine product of the Okanagan Valley.

People who are familiar with this particular variety of wine often first think of Canada as its birthplace, though its history can be traced back to German vintners from centuries earlier. Deep into the winter, these winemakers leave the grapes on the vine to freeze, allowing the flavours to intensify and the water content to freeze, thaw and dehydrate. Because each grape provides less nectar in its frozen state, the number of grapes needed to produce the bottled beverage is much greater – one of the reasons why this wine is treasured by producers and drinkers.

Guests who visit Inniskillin will get an exclusive look at the history and process of this sweet nectar, and will then get to sample different varieties paired with blue cheese, dark chocolate or dried apricots. After they satisfy their palates, they can return to the lakeside Osoyoos hotel with a fresh bottle in hand as a memorable souvenir.

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