The Mount Kobau Star Party is just around the corner

Whether you're an astronomer or an everyday stargazer, head to the Mt. Kobau Star Party, located a short drive west from Osoyoos atop Mount Kobau. The party runs from dusk until dawn from August 3 through August 11. While you're in town, get the ultimate Okanagan experience and reserve a spot at the deluxe Walnut Beach Resort.

People have been taking to Mount Kobau every summer for 27 years to gaze at the stars. There's a reason this peak is the go-to spot for observing the sky: It's gorgeous. The mount is nestled between two ancient river valleys as well as grassy slopes and dense pine and fir forests. You'll come across a sub-alpine ridge where wildflowers and sagebrush thrive. This is truly a trip for adventurers – the hike to the top of the mountain is a bumpy one and the temperatures can make for a brisk night's sleep – but the beautiful views and serene surrounding make it all worth it.

So grab your telescope and sky chart, scale the majestic Mount Kobau and explore the celestial bodies that light our night sky. At the end of the night, retire to your room at the deluxe Walnut Beach Resort. This Osoyoos hotel offers spectacular views of the stars above and the city life around you.

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